A One-Day Freebie!

Who are these guys? What hair-brained game will they come up with next? How can I sue them? Will they ever grow up? If its general info you're looking for concerning our small company, this is the place to look.. and ask.

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A One-Day Freebie!

Postby Chris » Sun May 10, 2009 8:15 am

Okay, I redid an old spoof product called "Vixen the Untold Story" as a new pdf... but the text translated in a fairly blurry fashion, so I need to redo, I think...


Anyone that posts here can get one in their e-mail if they post tomorrow, Sunday, as a freebie (altho it'll be the blury version).

Sing out gang, and I'll send the pdf (about 12 megs).

Its a spoof on Harlequin romances, and its a bit racy in spots, so be warned. :D
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