Cons for 2011

Who are these guys? What hair-brained game will they come up with next? How can I sue them? Will they ever grow up? If its general info you're looking for concerning our small company, this is the place to look.. and ask.

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Cons for 2011

Postby Chris » Thu Sep 09, 2010 6:42 pm

Yep, we'll be back on the con circuit for next year.

I have confirmations that we will be attending:
GaryCon – Lake Geneva, WI
March 25th- 27th, 2011

Where I will be running (at least) a 1e adventure written specifically for the con and for which only one copy will ever be commercially produced.
Check it out at:

Yore Con - Springfield, Illinois
Friday April 8th – April 10th

I am a GOH here! ...and so we'll be there with bells on. LOTZ of events, give-aways, what-have you.
Check it out at:

More to come, and remember, we might be showing up somewhere near YOU! :D
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