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Trade Wars - New Game Starting!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:03 pm
by Chris
I need four people that want to play... or three and me, anyway. Please respond with your color choice if you want to be one of the players. I can also run an 8-player game if response is great enough.

SIMPLE RULES folks. It won't entirely make sense until you read all of them.

Setup: Everyone starts with 15 Labor Units.

Turn Sequence: Turns are made up of phases as listed below. All players will complete a phase before the turn moves to the next phase.

1) Place your Labor Units in any factories you currently control. If the square is your color - you control the factory. What they will produce depends on the country/color you choose. GREEN, for instance, will produce:
(1) Tank for every (2) Labor Units placed in a tank factory
(1) Oil for every (3) Labor Units placed in a oil factory
(1) Plane for every (4) Labor Units placed in a Plane factory
(1) Food for every (1 or single) Labor Unit placed in a Food factory

2) Receive Production: Labor Units in Factories (and the two specialty squares) produce at the rate of the given country and the commodities produced are received by the player. All fractions are discarded.

3) Trade: Each player, in turn, may make any offers of any trade they wish to other players. This may be done here, via IM, or via private e-mail. I, your GM, need only confirmation from both players that a trade is valid. The negotiation process is not my concern, nor is anything (within the bounds of the game) outside the scope of the rules. Promises of military aid, dealing in futures, and of course, extortion, are all legal commodities during this phase. "Treaties" are never secret and will be announced to all players (all final deals, vs. negotiations, are public). Alliances, treaties, etc., are only as good as those making them: i.e; its ok to promise and not deliver under these rules. Commodity/unit exchanges are immediate.

4) Move: Each player may move any or all (or none) of their MILITARY units (tanks and planes only). Each plane consumes one oil to move up to 6 areas, or any portion thereof. Two tanks use but one oil to move uo to two areas each, or any portion thereof. Planes or tanks without oil do not disappear, they simply can not move.

5) Attack: If your units occupy a space in which there are enemy units, you may attack them. Tanks attack with 2d6, planes with 3d6. A successful attack generates a number larger than the defense of the opponents unit. Tanks defend at an 8, planes at a 4.

6) Feed: Each Food produced will feed 5 Labor Units. Fractions eat an entire food. Unfed units are removed from play. Military units do not eat.
(Its ok to starve off your Labor Units... but it will hamoer your production on the following turns).

7) Receive any bonus Labor Units and return to step#1.

Each unit in a square may only attack once. There is no "immediate" counter-attack; you may only attack on your turn.

Undefended squares are considered "captured" by you if you move into them. Factories captured by a player may NOT be used by a player.

IF YOU LOSE A FACTORY, you can not produce or accept trade goods of that type. If you have no Tank Factory, you can not even trade for tanks.

Any factory captured earns the attacking player 5 extra Labor Units at the start of the following turn.

THE WINNER is the last man standing. You are out of the game when you either:

Have no factories at the start of a turn (phase 1).
Have no Labor Units at the start of a turn (phase 1).

NOTE: Tanks and planes can carry Oil with them, in unlimited quantities, but that Oil is captured if the unit carrying it is destroyed. If a player has 4 units in an area, any one of those units can carry the oil, so capture of Oil only occurs if ALL of the player's units in the area are destroyed.

NOTE 2: should any player lose all of their factories, the player taking the last factory will receive all of their stockpiled Food and Oil at the start of the next turn. This will not occur if the player manages to retake a factory before the start of the next turn. Stockpiles of Food and Oil are kept in a "secret location" within each player's country and may not be captured other than by putting a player out of the game.

Questions welcome - who wants to play? I'd like to start next week, or sooner, and I will inform folks of the "start" via private e-mail as well as here.

Post here if you want to play!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 9:27 pm
by Kersus
I'd be up for it again if allowed. I'd choose Blue (or Brown if 8-player). I hope it'll be 8-player! If you get 4 other players though - I'm okay stepping aside to watch one.

Pimped at

Can I have Green

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:07 pm
by tadk
Can I have green or any color really

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 12:57 am
by Darius
I was going to pick blue. I am surprised anyone would want any other color, but I guess green is a good second choice. With each color getting a different ratio, it is hard to say is this causes balance problems or is about play style.

Green/Blue each have a cost of 4 for oil and food. Blue gets planes for cheap and if the last game is any indications, planes are to be preferred to tanks for attacking. This makes blue the easy choice.

I guess I will take purple then.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:55 am
by Chris
Food is production
Oil is mobility of your military
Planes ARE attack.
Tanks ARE defense.

...and none is more important than another in the game overall, altho...

Food starts out as the most important.

As players build a production base, defensive concerns kick in and Tanks become the most important.

Then Oil as folks begin to expand, and then planes... and it then see-saws depending on how the game is played.


...and... we have three so far... lets see if we can get 8 by Friday, otherwise I will start a new game on Friday.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:56 am
by Chris
I can win with any color... unless y'all are smarter than I am :D.

Tad - of course you can play. You are hereby confirmed.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:43 am
by Kersus
Can I post the rules over at TOL as written in your OP with the map? Heck, you're registered there and can post it too! Even if one person pops over, it's one more person!

I'd also be willing to say that the winner gets a free copy of War Memoirs if that would spike interest? Perhaps that winner would review the book too! ;)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:38 pm
by Darius
If you got for 8 people, can you mandate some type of rules for checking the board or any other way of speeding it up? It took 8 months to finish a game with only 3 people. If you make it 8, that will take what, a year? I think you will just end up with a lot of people getting bored, which will slow things down or make them quit.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2009 9:19 pm
by Chris
I'd need to see how it goes in that regard Darius, but I can certainly put you downfor "would prefer a 4-player game".

Kersus - I Posted over at triple oak leaf today.


PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:55 pm
by Chris
Okay, we have four folks that have expressed an interest thus far:

Popedale from DF who has not expressed a preference for color
Kersus and Darius would both like blue :D
TadK has expressed a desire for green.

and if this is the lot of you that wish to play:

1) We'll start on Monday
2) I'll roll off between Darius and Kersus unless I hear differently from one of those two
3) and we'll begin with allocation and production as the first phase (combined as no one will own any outside medical or R&D facilities.

Please bear in mind... I won the last game using Red :D.

Questions folks? We may as yet get more players... but if not, that's the plan.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:26 pm
by Chris
Ok, I had a couple fo questions from the DF boards, so I thought I would post them anonymously here:
About producing labor units - assuming you don't lose the spaces or take over others, it looks like you get 2 new labor units every turn. Is that corect?
The only way to 'get more labor units' is to move a military unit onto an opponent's factory, or onto any Medical facility. Everyone starts the game with 15 Labor Units. You only get more if you control a Medical facility (the medical symbols) or if you take over an opponent's factory. You receive 1 additional labor Unit at the start of each turn that you are the ONLY player with units in a medical facilty. You get 5 Labor Units if you occupy any factory (inculding your own) that you did not occupy at the start of your move and attack phase AND if you are the only player with units in the factory at the end of your move and attack phase. SO

1) if you started your move and attack phase as the only resident of a factory, you won't get the bonus.
2) if you attacked either to reclaim one of your own factories OR to take an opponent's factory, but you did NOT kill off all other opposing players units, you do not get the bonus.
3) If someone moves before you, takes a factory from you, and you retake it, killing off all of their units, you DO get the bonus.
4) If someone moves before you, takes a factory from you, and you retake it, killing off all of their units, and then after your turn another player kills off your units, and takes the same factory from you, you DO STILL get the bonus.

Factory "ownership" does not transfer until a factory is conquered by an opposing players military units. If you have no units in one of YOUR starting factories, but no one invades it, its still your factory, even though it is "empty". Once someone moves into it with a military unit, you must then move into it to reclaim it with a military unit, even if they later leave.

Labor Units can hold factories, altho they have no defense. They do each recquire that an attack be made upon them in order to kill them. A factory held by 5 Labor Units, therefore, must be attacked by 5 military units in order to ensure the success of the attacks. If attacked by (for instance) four opposing Tanks, 4 of the units would automatically die off, but the fifth would keep the invader from satisfying the "only units in the factory belong to you" proviso, and 'ownership' of the factory would remain with the defending player. In addition,(assuming you're the defender) you can place additional Labor Units in the factory at the start of the next turn as you still own it!

Medical Facilities that are occupied by more than one player's military units are disputed, and neither player recieves the one Labor Unit bonus on that turn.
For the oil, [do] you stockpile it on the factories, then transfer it to move with military units in any amount desired?

With regard to stockpiling, the goods are produced and stockpile at the factory that created them, but can you move them to another space to stockpile? The reason for this question is related to food. Can I produce food and leave it sitting somewhere else or even have it move with a military unit?
All commodities, when produced (Tanks. Planes. Oil, and Food) or traded for, appear at the player's home factory of the same type. That is why, should you lose that factory, you can longer trade OR produce that commodity. Captured foreign factories may not be used either for production or trading.

Once created, Oil and Food are retained by a player in a "secret stockpile" that can not be taken by other players invading Oil or Food factories in that player's country. These stockpiles are available to any unit within your country's borders. As Labor Units can not be assigned to any area outside your country's border, food created or stockpiled is always available to all of your Labor Units. Losing your Food Factory just means you can not make or trade for a further quantity of food... if you have 20 Food stockpiled and you lose your food factory, you still have 20 food to use, you just can't get any more.

OIL can be assigned from this stockpile to ANY military unit in a player's country... but not to units that are outside the bounds of a player's country. If you wish a unit to move the turn after it crosses your nation's border, you need to send oil with that unit. Oil can be "run out to stranded units" in order to move them as well. You can run a single Tank out to a group of tanks in an opposing player's country, and then use that oil on the same turn to allow those tanks to move. Again, if you have 20 Oil stockpiled and you lose your Oil factory, you still have 20 Oil to use, you just can't get any more.

When you move into another territory space are you required to capture it, or can you choose not to even if not in a treaty with someone?
Any military unit that enters an area (square) in which there are the military units of other players MUST attack those units, altho they can choose which units they will attack. They must use all available attacks (one per unit) unless they are successful to the point of eliminating all units not belonging to the invading player. Once an attack occurs, no further movement is possible. Units that start a move/attack phase in area where opposing player's units are present need not move, but they will automatically attack those units.


PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:38 pm
by Chris
One last: Popedale has expressed a desire for Yellow. Kersus and Darius... Who's going to bum out the worst between you to if you have to take the "proven - winner" Red? :D


PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:54 pm
by Darius
Chris, why don't you defend your title using red? If you get enough people for a larger board or two games, I will just pick a color from that.

The game moved slow enough when you were playing. I am just terrified of how slow it will be without your playing. 8 weeks is tolerable, 8 months is just insane.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:57 pm
by Kersus
I'm cool with a year long game. I'll bet that even a 4-player game could go much longer than what we already played under certain circumstances.

It's like other PbP games. I've spent more than a year playing a single game of Avalon Hill's Diplomacy through PbP. It's all cool.

That said, if you get four other players, I'm okay with stepping aside until the next game. So consider me an extra player if you don't have enough to fill a game.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 2:05 am
by Chris
If I'm not playing, I will be "GM-ing", so fear not on that score. :D

...and as of right now, we have four, five with me...

Which is enough for a full standard game. (But someone has to play Red!)