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Trade Wars design comments

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:26 pm
by Darius
Two games is probably not enough experience, but I have found an issue that might be able to be addressed by having a 6 person game. The problem is that trade can quickly end - especially after one person becomes aggressive. There is a further complication that the limit of supplies makes people more willing to defend the side attacked rather than ignore it or find other ways to exploit it.

Red and blue produce planes and green and yellow tanks. Once there becomes only one major producer, the other sides have a strong incentive to restore balance. This is more of a problem if aggressive behavior happens early in the game because by the time balance is restored there is basically no trade left!

An 8 person game solves that problem because everything is duplicated. I think there are many problems with a game that size. If you have enough people then it will take forever - even in person. If you don't have a full 8 people, it causes problems with the supply and demand in the game.

I think if you could design a 6 person game that would keep commodities balanced in some way (maybe add in something new) then you have a good size game that won't take forever and can address the commodities issue in a way that doesn't throw off the balance.