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Re: I NEED to role play, Online

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:00 pm
by Chris
LOL! Best smile I had all day.

No, its for real-real.

They are working on a website, logo, all of the preliminary necessaries as we speak.

It is also appears that it may provide a venue for several of my unpublished works that have been in limbo. These works will be, to some extent, 'revamped' for our new presentation, and made generic to provide a greater range of playing possibilities, as well as to avoid any association as work derivative of any particular gaming system.

So its good news! Its also pretty darned cool to be working with Jim, Frank, and Tim. Go ahead; call me a fanboy. On some level it is undoubtedly an accurate assessment.

Know this, however. These guys, myself included in that group, are deadly serious about putting out less commercial product with greater playability and a concentration on role-playing rather than codification. This WILL BE a very cool advent for the rpg industry, and I am very honored to be included as a participant.

More later - and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. :D