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Feudal Effort

PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2008 7:19 pm
by Chris
Ok, this game has been impinging on my efforts to focus for some time, so I banged most of the bugs out of it and am prepared for prototype game test Sunday...

Shining on here...

It looks really cool. We'll have to see how it plays. Currently set up as a 2-4-player game.

IF the new version rises to the acceptability level of the "tweaking" stage. I'll find a way to test it online here, and I'll have a pdf version for anyone that wants one.

Wish me luck.

PS: The 'real version' will come with 12 figs you won't get in the pdf version - so I'll provide cardboard foldovers. You'll also need access to a color printer. -CC

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 12:57 am
by Coleston the Cavalier
Sounds good, Chris.
Will I have to speak Latin or something?:)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 6:48 am
by Chris
They all skunked me today! So no report until mid-week earliest.

Ther business portions of the meeting went quickly; almost as tho no one wanted to speak against my ideas!

I have finished the bits... and now it really looks cool (and do-able commercialy)...

I'll see if I can get some pics up.


PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:48 pm
by Chris
Okay so we played the rules last Sunday.

"God this sucks!" and then we played three back-to-back games...

Its currently a tile laying game (in part) a card game (in part), and a resource-building game.

You encounter heroes that will either join you and become patr of your aristocracy, or fight you and either join or thwart you aristocracy.

It has a nice "Heroes of Might and Magic" or perhaps "Warlords" feel to it currently.

Also: set up as a 4-player game.

COLOR tiles.


I should have a free pdf here next week.... we're making a few changes to the game - tinker stuff.