Bug Strife is Getting a facelift

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Bug Strife is Getting a facelift

Postby Chris » Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:58 am

That's the current project, anyway. We are doing some rules consolidation, and adding a few things, but this project is a bit narrower than War PIGs was, and I expect we'll be finished with it rather quickly.

That said...

Bug Strife is one of the most popula games we ever made. Its strategic and tactical combat for plastic bugs like you get at the dollar-type stores, with some logistic rules thrown in just to make sure that its not all combat. The finished project should be about 36 pages, can be learned in less than half an hour, and played in 2-4 hours.

...and we'll most likely be giving away some pdfs as well, just like War PIGs... so stay tuned. :D

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